Tired of Dual Booting – Trying Out Virtual Box

October 22, 2009

I have been dual booting between Windows XP and Ubuntu for over a year now. Ubuntu is quite helpful to have around since developing in a UNIX environment is much easier for many languages in my opinion (C/C++). However, Ubuntu is not my primary OS by any means. I still use Windows XP as my default boot and only use Ubuntu when coding. One primary reason that I stick with XP is its better support for tablet PCs. I use Microsoft Office One Note in every single class; in fact all I bring to class is my laptop.

Basically, I am tired of being in windows and wanting to quickly test some C/C++ code and having to boot into Ubutnu for it. I could use eclipse or something in windows, but I prefer ubuntu. Also, I cannot get flash to work on my ubuntu install and I am tired of coding while listening to YouTube videos instead of Pandora.

I am taking an Operating Systems course here at UD this semester and we recently talked about Solaris Zones and virtual machines. I decided to look into Virtual Box so that I could run Ubuntu right from XP.

I came across this helpful link and got started.


The Beginning

October 15, 2009

My name is Conor Gilsenan and I am in my senior year of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Delaware. I began working with web technologies last year in an Advanced Web Tech course here at UD and instantly knew that programming for the web was something that I really enjoyed. During my sophomore year, I discovered Paul Graham’s essays here and instantly realized that I wanted to create my own company. With these two ideas put together, I am working towards eventually starting my own web 2.0 company.

I attended Startup Bootcamp 2009 at MIT and heard a talk given by Dharmesh Shah. His talk was amazingly inspiring and will definitely stay in my mind for a long time. He suggested starting a blog in order to gain users and have a way to express thoughts and gain a following. So, in following with his advice, I will publish to this blog and hopefully it will be the beginning of something great

Definitely check out the video clips from justin.tv here.